About the Chef

He started cooking at the age of four, when his mom patiently pulled out a chair for him to stand on so he could get his hands in the pizza dough. To experience the science, the alchemy, the magic of flour becoming crust, the power of creating a new food from an older form- it was immediate. He was hooked. No matter what interest has called his attention away from cooking over the years, he has always returned to the wholesome fulfillment found in creating nourishing meals for other people. While academia, traveling, and soul-searching have supplied a great foundation to life, Local Chef Oliver has settled in the belief that providing for the basic needs of others, through the use of food as an art form and creative outlet will nourish, not only your body, but his passion as well.

Local Chef Oliver managed and ran kitchens as sous chef for 7 years under the tutelage of chefs with a primary ethic of understanding the global politics of food, sustainability, and organic agriculture. These mentors have not only taught him techniques and skills but also shown him where business and sustainability meet.

Oliver’s dream is down-to-earth and beautiful. By using the models of what sustainability really means- that in pursuit of growth our farms and lifestyles become so large that the cyclical nature of regeneration can never come to pass organically- he plans to return to a land-focused way of life. By investing in a small plot of land and practicing age old agriculture fundamentals, and working with the natural cycle of the land, the plants and the animals. Oliver believes in being able to grow and produce the principal ingredients to sustain his own and his community’s livelihoods by finding the balance between what can be optimally produced without pushing past that limit. True sustainability allows for the creation and interdependence of what can be derived from a single source.

What Oliver brings to you is many years of knowledge, passion and an earnest drive to participate in the story of food in your life and in our communities as well.


Catering, Weddings and Private Dinners:

Offering fully customizable catering, weddings and dinner parties. Happily meeting dietary restrictions, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo Costs vary and normally run on a per head basis reflecting the menu. Please don’t hesitate contacting the chef for more details or with any questions that you may have.

Cooking Consultation and classes:

Offering event, business and personal consulting. Consultations on organic and sustainable practices, meal/menu creating, drafting budgets, sourcing of foods, one-on-one or group cooking classes, and dietary management. Cost varies by project by begins at 60 dollars an hour and the cost of ingredients if any are needed to be purchased for the consultation or class.

Weekly meal services:

These services are generally in house. Chef offers clients multiple meals a visit, that can be reheated throughout the week. Menus are sent for clients approval where they may add and omit as wanted. Cost is of ingredients and 60 dollars an hour, allowing each weeks cost to reflect the meals made. Generally for 4 separate meals of 2-4+ servings it comes to around 300 dollars, but any variation of servings and number of meals can be made. Meals can be split for multiple locations.

Gift Certificates:

Available upon request in any denomination. Gift certificates are non-refundable and can not be cashed out.